Take your projects to a new dimension with HOSUNG® 3D Embossing WPC outdoor decking

Make the most of your outdoor space, with our exceptional value and visually stunning next-generation 3D embossed composite decking boards – one side traditional striated/lined finish and the other with our next generation 3D embossed woodgrain finish. Take your projects to a new dimension with HOSUNG® 3D Embossing WPC outdoor decking!

What is deep embossed composite decking?

The new technology 3D embossed WPC outdoor decoration floor has developed into one of the most popular wood plastic floors. The unique shallow relief surface and imitation wood effect are very popular with the owners.3 d embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor in short supply in the market, because the 3 d embossing technology at present belongs to the wood plastic floor in the production of high-end technology category, only a handful of powerful manufacturers can produce.

Composite wood deck is also called WPC decking board, HOSUNG® 3D embossed WPC decking has hollow and solid, the strength of hollow is slightly smaller than that of solid. The surface of   HOSUNG® 3D embossed decking are printed with wood grain, the current popular is 3 D embossing wood texture. Such deckins now account for a growing proportion of floors exported from Wuhu Haoxuan Wood Plastic Composite Co.,Ltd. 3 D embossing is not only an upgrade of appearance but also represents the promotion of performance. The 3D wood grain is printed straight into the wood plastic floor during the production process, and the surface texture is better and more durable. We will introduce HOSUNG® 3D embossed WPC decking from the following aspects

Not ‘thermal print’, but ‘pressure print’

3D online embossing wood grain decking is a revolutionary product compared to traditional WPC. Some wood floors to keep the surface of the wood, use the drawing tool to draw wood texture. These textures will blur over time. The 3D embossed surface of the wood plastic floor does not need such a drawing process. The 3D wood grain is printed directly into the HOSUNG® 3D embossed WPC products during the production process, and the surface texture is clearer and more durable.

In HOSUNG® WPC, the main technology is the deep emboss process during production.  The embossing process was not from ‘thermal print’, but ‘pressure print’. Wood-plastic embossing is the most important step in wood-plastic surface treatment. After the wood-plastic board is embossed by an embossing machine or an online embossing device, a durable, concave-convex three-dimensional pattern is formed on its surface. Wood-plastic embossing makes wood-plastic products no longer monotonous plastic plates, making the surface more beautiful, and can play a decorative role in the plate.

3D-EMBOSSING on the surface of wood-plastic products is a necessary process for the production of HOSUNG® WPC. With the continuous improvement of wood-plastic embossing technology, wood-plastic embossing is not limited to simple concave-convex patterns. Today’s wood-plastic embossing tends to be embossed patterns with strong three-dimensional effects and rich layers. The pattern design is also more realistic, and the pattern styles tend to be diversified. So far HOSUNG® have developed Eight Natural Wood Grains & Six Colors. One of the pattern—the Dragon series has been imitated by many other China manufacturers. The new generation of co-extrusion deep embossing series R&D by HOSUNG® will be the new trend of the WPC industry.

The texture can stay much longer

The embossing process in HOSUNG® is not from ‘thermal print’, but ‘pressure print’, so the outside wood grain looks vivid and deep. Also, the texture can stay much longer.  the wood grain and color will last much longer: at least 8-15 years.

As you may know, wood grain achieved by traditional embossing treatment is easy to disappear with people’s step-on. While for HOSUNG® 3D embossing WPC decking, the wood grain is always there, cause this wood grain is done simultaneously with the extrusion process.

Compared to the traditional product, HOSUNG® 3D deep embossing product will have a more natural visual effect and a more realistic wood grain texture. 3D deep embossing technique does not need a follow-up treatment, it can finish the embossing procedure during the extrusion technique. The grain texture of 3D deep embossing can provide long-termed durability because it is deeper than the normal embossing.

HOSUNG® 3D boards can even be lightly sanded, meaning that if it is damaged or scratched over time, it can be restored to that beautiful, natural, weathered effect.

Feels more like natural wood

If you love the subtle color shades of natural timber, you will love HOSUNG® stunning 3D embossed WPC decking and 3D embossed Co-Extrusion decking. Each board features delicate highlights and lowlights of tonal color, that when installed, adds a beautiful warm ambiance to your outdoor spaces.it looks and feels more like natural wood due to the 3D embossing treatment of the surface.

Compared with traditional decking, 3D texture decking has a more realistic wood grain and a more natural visual effect. Before launching the products, HOSUNG® had run weathering tests, mechanical tests, and wear resistance tests to make sure the best colors and formula for different applications.

Masterbatches are added directly into the product formulation, 3D wood grain is embossed during the process of extrusion, has a deep wood-grain texture. Thus it can provide long-termed durability. The abrasion during the application is not so obvious as the traditional decking. Free of any harmful substances,anti-splinter,anti-slip, take care of yourself and your children.

Each decking floor is equivalent to a sculpture, and the artistic atmosphere and aesthetic degree have been greatly improved.What we make are decking boards, and it is also a handicraft.

More slip-resistant and safer

HOSUNG® 3D embossing is not only an upgrade of appearance but also represents the promotion of performance which gives you a different experience.

New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decoration decking floor improved the anti-skid enhancement and enhance the adsorption capacity of the floor. Compared with the directional adsorption of the groove surface, the adsorption direction of the 3D embossing surface is more diversified.

What HOSUNG® 3D Embossed decking Used For?

As the sustainable alternative to natural wood decks, HOSUNG® Embossing WPC Deck is widely chosen to be used in parks, patio, gardens, spas, pools, corridors, and so on. It offers the aesthetic of natural timber and the benefits of long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. The deep wood grain pattern on our lumber mimics the beauty of natural wood and resists moisture, rot & termites, etc, while a wide spectrum of natural colors lets you create the perfect deck or dock to complement your outdoor space.

Take your projects to a new dimension with HOSUNG® 3D Embossing decking!

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