Revolution for the WPC Composite Decking Installation

Outdoor decking can create a practical and beautiful space in your backyard, allowing you to enjoy the warm sunshine on a spring afternoon or the pleasant breeze on a summer evening. In recent years, with the increase in environmental awareness and living quality requirements, more and more people are choosing wood plastic composite (WPC) decking to build outdoor spaces.

As a new eco-friendly building material, composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers. Compared with traditional wooden planks, WPC decking is not easily affected by the natural environment. It will not rot, suffer from pests or cause splitting and other problems, and has a high degree of durability.

In terms of installation, wood plastic decking uses the traditional method of wood decking, but without the need for waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment, which is relatively easier. However, because the characteristics of plastic wood decking are different from those of wood decking, the drawbacks of the traditional installation method are becoming more and more obvious, and it can no longer meet the requirements for quality and effect.

Disadvantages of Traditional Installation Methods

  1. Cost More Time and Labor

The traditional installation method of WPC wooden deck uses a lot of screws to fix the decking boards and the joists. This method spends a lot of time on pre-drilling, and leaves a lot of screws in the decking surface. However, wood plastic composite decking has higher hardness than wooden flooring, which requires more time and labor costs.

  1. Reduce the Service Life of WPC Decking

Wood plastic decking contains plastic components. As we know, plastic is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations and sunlight exposure than wood, and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction is also more obvious in the outdoor environment. However, the traditional installation method fixes the WPC decking board tightly on the joist, which limits the decking’s movements caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Later the boards are very easy to warp, greatly shortening the service life of the WPC deck.

  1. Affect the beauty and security

Traditional method uses screws to fix the WPC composite decking on the surface, which not only affects the appearance of the whole decking, but also has a certain security risks. Once the screws on the decking loosened, it is very likely to cause injury to children as children like to play barefoot on the decking.

Hosung Quick Installation System 3.0

As a senior WPC decking manufacturer, Hosung knows the drawbacks of traditional wood plastic decking installation method, and has been constantly exploring better and faster ways to install decking. After hundreds of experiments, Hosung has successfully developed the Quick Installation System 3.0 this year, which is a near-perfect decking installation system. This system uses a new decking boards and installation structure, solving the drawbacks in the traditional installation method, with faster installation speed and higher quality, bringing a revolution in the history of WPC decking installation.

What are the advantages of this quick installation system?

  1. Saves 60% installation time

The specially designed clips and joist eliminates most of the pre-drilling and nailing time, greatly reducing installation time and labor costs. In addition, the system is simple to operate and easy to install by DIY enthusiasts.

  1. Effectively avoids the problem of thermal expansion and contraction

Not like the traditional way, Hosung has taken into account thermal expansion and contraction of composite decking in the design. Their innovative clips are kind of flexible and leave the decking certain expansion and contraction space, which effectively avoids possible warping, cracking caused by expansion and contraction. This effectively extends the service life of the composite decking.

  1. Looks more beautiful

Due to the use of specially designed clips, there is no need for fixing nails on the WPC decking surface, which make invisible installation a reality. At the same time, the gaps between the composite decking boards are quite consistent, which make the outdoor decking looks more neat and beautiful.

  1. Quicker and easier to remove and replace

The innovative clip used in the quick installation system also makes the removal of the WPC decking faster and easier. Just twist the clips, you can remove the certain board. It’s very convenient for building a temporary platform, or replacing the composite decking with a different color in the future.

I guess you must have a basic knowledge of the Hosung quick installation system by reading this article. I hope that every family can get the best outdoor living space solutions, enjoy the beauty of outdoor life and get more pleasure from it.

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