Why Composite Decking is Getting More Popular?

composite decking Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
Composite decking can help enhance the beauty of the outdoor living space

In recent years, more and more families have started to use wood plastic composite decking, and the global composite decking market has continued to rise. What makes WPC decking so popular in the market? There are 4 reasons.

01. Composite decking is highly durable


The core material of composite decking usually consists of plastic and wood fibers, which allows composite decking to embrace the both advantages of wood and plastic. WPC composite decking has strong water, stain, and mold/mildew resistance and does not crack, splinter, or warp like traditional wood decking. It also has a longer service life, which is 3-5 times longer than wood decking in average.


02. Composite decking comes with diverse options

composite decking many styles Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
plastic composite decking with many color and wood grain styles

Composite decking comes in a variety of colors with diverse texture styles and leaves consumers with endless choosing space. There are many different authentic wood grains and colors available on the market, which can even be customized according to customer requirements to meet different home styles.


03. Composite decking is highly environmental-friendly

composite decking environmental friendly Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
wpc decking – environmental friendly

To produce traditional solid wood decking, the manufacturers have to cut down a large number of trees, resulting in severe deforestation. However, WPC decking boards use recycled wood and plastic as raw materials and never have to cut down a single tree, which has less impact on the environment.

04. Composite decking is easy to clean and maintain

composite decking easy maintenance Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
composite wood decking – easy maintenance

WPC decking does not require regular staining, painting, or oiling like solid wood decking. A simple soap-and-water clean is all it takes. So you can enjoy more on your decking.


How to Choose WPC Composite Decking

composite decking how to choose Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
how to choose composite decking?



The benefits of WPC decking are numerous. However, choosing the right WPC decking can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. I list some tips which may help you choose right WPC composite decking.


composite decking quality Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
composite decking boards – quality

01. Quality

The first thing to consider when choosing WPC decking is the quality. Once installed, the removal and replacement of WPC decking are quite troublesome. Although most manufacturers give a warranty of at least 20 years, poor quality may lead to earlier damage to the composite decking, when the replacement will be a big project. This not only affects the use of your outdoor decking but also the mood of your family. It is recommended to choose WPC decking manufacturers who have 10+ years of history, such as Trex, Fiberon, Millboard, Hosung, and NewTechWood. So the service life of the wood plastic composite decking and the after-sales service is more guaranteed.



composite decking many styles Composite Decking,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
Choose the color and wood grain you like

02. Appearance

Another important factor to consider when selecting WPC decking is its appearance. WPC decking is a synthetic decking with a variety of textures and colors, and the different textures and colors will directly affect the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. It is recommended to pick a composite decking that is in harmony with the style of your backyard and to take into account the opinions of each family member so that the final result meets the expectations of the whole family. If it’s an area exposed to water, such as a swimming pool deck, you should also consider the decking’s slip resistance and water resistance.


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WPC decking – price

03. Price

Finally, decking price is also important when choosing WPC decking. The cost of WPC decking can vary depending on the quality of the material, texture, and installation methods. It is important to set a budget for your outdoor decking project and choose the best WPC decking that fits within your budget. It is recommended that you compare several manufacturers and do not rush into a decision. While cheaper options may save you money in the short term, they may require more maintenance or need to be replaced sooner than higher-quality options.



The above are the suggestions for selecting the right WPC decking. I hope by taking these factors into account, you can find WPC composite decking that meets your needs and enhances the value of your outdoor living space.

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composite decking – ending
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