Is a Composite Deck Really Worth the Money?

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In our previous article, we discussed that the average cost of a new composite deck is $8,900 and the highest cost can reach up to $25,000. However, one of our readers reached out to us and mentioned that he had only spent around $7,000 on building a wood deck five years ago, and he heard that the highest cost for a wood deck never exceeded $20,000. They’re wondering why WPC decking made from recycled materials is so expensive?


That’s a reasonable question! And I believe this is a question that many homeowners have when building a decking. This time let’s explore whether wood plastic decking really worth the money?

Actually, while the cost of the 2 kinds of decking may seem like a large difference upfront, composite wooden decks are less expensive over time because they last longer, look better longer, and require less upkeep than natural wood. In fact, better durability means the cost of a wood plastic decking can be easily offset over time.

Compared to natural wood decks that may only last 15 years with diligent maintenance, composite decks have a longer lifespan of 25-30 years or even more. This is due to their combination of synthetic and organic fibers that are enveloped in a protective synthetic shell, which allows composite deck boards to resist staining, warping, and mold. Additionally, they are resistant to fading and scratching.


Here are a few of detailed reasons why investing in a composite deck is absolutely worth the money.

Highly Durable

Composite decking is significantly more durable than traditional wood. It is less likely to rot, mold, warp, or become infested by insects. What’s more, reputable manufacturers offer generous warranties, such as a 25-year warranty, which is something you cannot get from a solid wood decking seller.

Ultra-low Maintenance

Cleaning WPC decking is effortless, and it requires no painting or oiling, resulting in a lower overall cost throughout the deck’s lifespan. Maintaining a 200-square-foot composite deck over its 25-year lifespan would cost approximately $300, while maintaining a wood deck every two-to-five years would cost around $900.

Lasting Beauty

With advancements in technology, composite decking has bridged the gap in aesthetics compared to wood decking. Nowadays, you can invest in a composite deck that closely resembles real wood and boasts an impressive lifespan of over 20 years without the need for staining, painting, or maintenance.

Priceless Safety

Composite decking offers many advantages over traditional wood decking in terms of safety. It is less prone to splintering or becoming uneven over time, which can be a hazard for bare feet. Additionally, recent advancements have allowed manufacturers to create heat-resistant composite wood that remains comfortable to walk on even on hot summer days. Composite decking also typically includes built-in fire-retardant materials, providing added safety for your family and home.


Opting for composite decking over traditional wood decking materials is a more environmentally conscious choice. By selecting composite boards, you can help conserve trees and recycle a significant amount of plastic materials, which has a positive impact on our planet.


In short, higher initial costs do not necessarily translate to higher long-term costs, nor do they equate to less value. If you’re seeking a deck that is durable, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and eco-friendly, we recommend opting for wood plastic composite decking as it is truly worth the investment.

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