Want your garden paving to be easier to maintain? Why not try wood plastic decking

When we are creating a garden, there is always an unavoidable topic, that is, how can we minimize the time we spend on garden maintenance? Is there any other way besides reducing the number of plants that are difficult to maintain…
At this time, we usually think of a way, which is to choose a paving material that is more convenient and easier to maintain when paving the garden on hard ground, but this is far from enough, because in many cases, some wooden materials themselves There are many maintenance points that require our special attention

Is there a kind of paving material that can take into account the advantages of wood materials such as color and luster, and at the same time have the advantages of being easy to maintain? Of course, we have to talk about wood plastic products!
Why should we choose wood plastic products?
Waterproof and moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are prone to rot, swelling and deformation after absorbing water and getting damp in humid and watery environments. It can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.
Anti-insect and anti-termite, effectively eliminate insect harassment and extend service life.
Colorful and with many colors to choose from. It not only has natural wood feel and wood texture, but also can be customized according to your own personality.
It has strong plasticity and can easily achieve personalized styling, fully reflecting individual style.
Highly environmentally friendly, pollution-free, pollution-free, and recyclable.
High fire resistance. It is effectively flame retardant, with a fire protection level of B1. It will self-extinguish in case of fire and will not produce any toxic gases.
It has good processability and can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled, and the surface can be painted.
The installation is simple, the construction is convenient, no complicated construction technology is required, and the installation time and cost are saved.
No cracking, no expansion, no deformation, easy to clean, saving later repair and maintenance costs.
So how to install and use wood plastic products?
After everyone decides to use wood-plastic flooring, if you are building a garden yourself, you will inevitably face such a problem, that is, how to install it? In fact, the key to solving this problem lies in the keel installation!
Below, the editor has also prepared some installation methods for keels and several special installation points.
When installing keels, the distance between keels generally depends on the thickness of the wood-plastic floor; when the thickness of the wood-plastic floor is less than 25mm, the distance between the keels cannot exceed 250mm, and the maximum keel spacing cannot exceed 400mm.
Installation points under several special circumstances

  1. When installing a suspended walkway on a pond, lake or other place, it is impossible to pour concrete for large-scale drainage. You can use galvanized ground nails to be screwed directly into the ground, and then weld galvanized pipe keels to the ground screws. (If it is installed in a lake or pond, or if the air humidity in the installation and use environment is high, it is recommended to choose hot-dip galvanized square pipes to avoid corrosion.)
  2. If there is a concrete foundation on the ground, and the thickness of the concrete is not less than 80mm; then, we can directly use plastic expansion plugs to fix the aluminum alloy keel on the concrete ground.
  3. If the ground is pure soil and the floor installation surface needs to be raised, we can first pour concrete and galvanized pipe columns on the hardened floor.
    Under normal circumstances, the diameter and depth of the foundation pit shall not be less than 300mm, the specifications of hot-dip galvanized pipes used for columns shall not be less than 6060mm, and the wall thickness of the pipes shall not be less than 2.5mm; The span between columns should be controlled within 1800mm; After completing the pre-embedding of the columns, weld galvanized pipe keels on the columns. The recommended specification is 4060mm or above.
    Maintenance of wood plastic products
    After the construction is completed, we can’t help but ask, does easy maintenance mean that we don’t have to worry about maintenance issues in the future? The editor in charge here tells everyone that this is absolutely not the case! Below, the editor has specially compiled a few areas where wood plastic products need to be focused on:
    When walking on the wood-plastic floor, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot.
    Some special stains on the floor, such as paint, ink, etc., can be cleaned and wiped directly with special stain removal oil.
    During normal cleaning, it is best not to mop the floor with an overly wet mop. If water is accidentally spilled, wipe it clean with a soft cloth in time and keep it dry.
    Pay attention to prevent rough and high-hardness objects from being dragged and hung on the wooden floor with sharp objects and hard objects.
    When placing tables and chairs, it is best to put protective pads on the floor. The basic work of moisture-proofing should be done before the floor is laid. Do not use plywood and wood with high moisture content during installation. At the same time, a moisture-proof layer must be laid.
    In fact, when it comes to this, compared to the installation and post-maintenance of wood-plastic products, there is a more important point, that is, the selection of wood-plastic products. Choosing the right one can greatly reduce the cost of post-maintenance and other costs.
    Recommended wood plastic flooring—HOSUNG WPC new material
    Ningbo HOSUNG WPC New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It has always been “pursuing the physical and mental happiness of all employees and restoring the beauty of harmony between man and nature” as its mission. It focuses on creating high-quality new wood-based materials and building a new circular ecological economy.
    HOSUNG WPC New Materials has been involved in the recycling of PE plastics and plant fibers since 1997, and became a major national demonstration project of circular economy and resource conservation in 2011. After years of rapid development, it has become the leader in the global high-end imitation wood co-extruded wood plastic market.
    HOSUNG WPC’s new materials produce tens of thousands of tons of high-quality wood plastic annually, with 90% of its products exported overseas. It has won the title of Zhejiang Export Famous Brand and its main customers are the world’s top five building materials supermarkets. It has successively passed ISO Series 3 system, FSC, EU ROHS, REACH, US ICCES, LCMP low carbon manufacturing and other related certifications, world-renowned system certifications and more than 150 QC tests, excellent weather resistance and maintenance-free characteristics, let HOSUNG WPC new materials have become the choice of many private villas and landmark buildings.
    Compared with traditional anti-corrosion wood, HOSUNG WPC new material products can withstand the test of outdoor wind and sun all year round. During use, they do not need regular annual maintenance like anti-corrosion wood, saving you a lot of hidden costs such as renovation and painting. , allowing you to have more independent time to enjoy quality time with family and friends.
    HOSUNG WPC new material—main product series
    Yuehemu·Natural Series
    The natural series has a delicate texture comparable to that of solid wood, and the surface is 360° coated with nano-polymer weather-resistant modified materials. It is not afraid of wind and sun at all. Daily stains can be completely washed away by rainwater, and it can last up to 25 years. Quality Assurance.
    Yuehemu·Origin Series
    The Origin series has a surface effect of random height difference and color mixing, and the fan-shaped arch bridge structure has once again been upgraded for safety, intimately protecting everyone who comes into close contact with the Origin series. In order to allow people to regain the natural connection between man and nature in the cycle, start from the starting point and move towards a better life.
    The Origin series abandons the busy design and uses tough American lines with distinct concave and convex lychee textures to trace back to the origin of the symbiosis between man and nature and appreciate the beauty of the original intention.
    Boat story series
    The Chuan Shuo series was jointly developed by HOSUNG WPC New Materials and SYLVANIX North American R&D Center. After tens of thousands of experimental tests, it has achieved a highly cost-effective Chuan Shuo series. Like old ship wood, the solid wood appearance changes with time and is updated with time. It also integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies to reconstruct traditional fashion aesthetics, allowing you to encounter a different life every day.
    As a leading representative of the domestic wood-plastic strategic emerging industry and an enterprise cultivating individual champions in the manufacturing industry in Ningbo, HOSUNG WPC New Materials will uphold the values of responsibility, altruism, introspection, and innovation, create more high-quality new wood substitute materials, and reduce resource waste. Protect the natural ecology and benefit future generations.
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