Are the Vertical Claddings Colored Throughout or Just on the Surface?

Q: Are your claddings colored throughout or just on the surface? IF there is a cit in the board, is it the same color all the way through?


A: Thank you for your reply! Hope you had a great holiday!

Regarding your question, please see our answer below:

HS219K26: this vertical cladding model is our 2nd Generation Co-extrusion (capped) series, there is a modified plastic layer wrapping around, which is the protection for the core materials and greatly enhanced the UV resistance and wear resistance. So the color is in the plastic wrapping layer of the product surface.

FW156Q21 cladding model is our 1st Generation extrusion 3D embossed series. The overall color of the product is consistent. But for these two series of products, we can adjust different colors and add different pigments, the essence is the same.


Q: Do you offer 316 stainless steel fasteners colors to match the boards? Does the vertical cladding use just screws to attach to the wall?


A: We usually provide 304 or 410 stainless steel screws. But if you need 316 stainless steel fasteners colors to match the boards, it is no problem, we can provide according to your requirements. Our vertical cladding are usually installed with screws, but can also be installed with clips. I have attached our installation guide in this email for your reference.

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