Is Your WPC Wall Cladding Honduras High Salt Environment Suitable?

Q: For the vertical WPC wall cladding Honduras high salt (ocean) application environment, is it suitable?


A: Sure, our WPC cladding products are used for outdoor which should be strong and can withstand the harsh weather outside.

The WPC decking we produce conforms to the humidity and temperature of the climate environment in most regions of the world. For some extreme weather environments, we can also make minor adjustments to the formula to make sure the products will perform well. Our products will be sampled and tested in an environment that simulates extreme weather to test the performance of temperature and humidity. In addition, we have sold to some Central and South American countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, etc, so you can rest assured that our products are fully suitable for your local climate and environment.


Q: What is the warranty you have? Does it cover color fading and warping? Thanks


A: HS219K26 – this 2nd Generation Co-extrusion product has a warranty life of 10 years; FW156Q21 – this 1st Generation product has a warranty life of 8 years.

When we reach an order, we will provide you the warranty paper. Problems such as side bending , deformation, and cracking belong to the scope of quality, but color fading is not a quality problem. Because all the wpc outdoor products will face the color fading problem.

Our 1st Generation FW 156Q21 cladding product will have 10%-15% color fading in the 1st year after installation. Later it will have little color change when dirt gets on it. Our 2nd Generation Co-extrusion HS219K26 vertical cladding product has a plastic protective layer. We add a big percentage of high quality pigments and anti-UV agents into this layer , which controls the color fading between 3%-5% during the 1st year after installation, later then the color will gradually become stable.


Q: Do you offer to send samples?


A: Good day! Regarding sample issues, we can provide free samples. Please refer to the attached samples pictures we prepared for customers. But your side shall bear the express freight of the sample.

Do you have a DHL account to collect the express freight? If not, you can also transfer it to our company through paypal or western union, and we will help to arrange the express delivery. The delivery fee to Honduras is about USD120.

In addition, I would like to ask, have you imported wpc products from china before? Are you purchasing cladding products for distribution in Honduras or for project use? Pls feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to your reply.

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