What’s the Size, Length and Weight of Composite Decking Australia

A client wanted composite decking Australia successfully closed their first order with our sales manager, Amanda, here at HOSUNG. Let’s unveil the mystery of their communication and trust-building journey!

Initial Stage-Want Composite Decking Australia

Mr. P, a client from Australia, made his first contact with our sales manager, Amanda. They had an initial chat to understand each other’s backgrounds and needs.

Sample Sending Stage

Expressing interest in the products introduced by Amanda, Mr. P requested samples for further evaluation of product quality. Amanda promptly sent the samples to him.

Order Placement Stage

Upon receiving and assessing the samples, Mr. P found the products suitable for his requirements. He then negotiated with Amanda on specific details such as pricing, quantity, and delivery dates. Eventually, they reached an agreement, and Mr. P successfully placed his first order with HOSUNG.

Phone call time…

After a series of delightful communications and the establishment of mutual trust, Mr. P has successfully sealed his first deal with HOSUNG. This not only showcases his keen business acumen but also speaks volumes about our team’s professionalism and service excellence. We sincerely wish Mr. P’s business to bloom like the spring river, surging forward with each step, reaching new heights of prosperity. May our partnership continue day by day, paving the way for a brighter future together!

If you’re interested in WPC decking, wall panels, or fence boards, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re a skilled WPC manufacturer with over 10 years of experience and a solid reputation. We’re confident we can offer you the products you need, whether you’re new to the industry or looking to diversify your product lineup. Let’s work together to build a partnership that leads to mutual growth and success.What's the Size, Length and Weight of Composite Decking Australia

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