WPC china supplier HOSUNG WPC is full of harvest at the 2024 brazil exhibition

The much-anticipated 2024 brazil exhibition finally came to an end. With the joint efforts of all the partners of the HOSUNG WPC team as WPC china supplier, the two-day exhibition was guaranteed to go smoothly. This time HOSUNG WPC, as one of the WPC china manufacturers, the outdoor garden building materials exhibition is divided into two parts: the exhibition work and the execution work on the exhibition site. This exhibition belongs to Asia’s most extensive collection of woodworking machinery and equipment, outdoor gardening supplies, and other comprehensive exhibitions.

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HOSUNG WPC has been carefully prepared, with superb technical production standards, gorgeous retro 3D deep-embossed wood-plastic WPC decking flooring, and WPC wall panel products have once again become a highlight in the industry. The ingenious design and differentiated wood-plastic composite WPC products have attracted many Chinese and foreign business people to stop to watch and consult and negotiate. Many buyers from the Philippines, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Israel, Germany, and France are looking for composite decking from china at the Fair. They talked with HOSUNG WPC engineers on the aspects of both the wood-plastic materials and the 3d deep embossing, capped composite decking technology. The technical negotiation on the extrusion wood-plastic process was greatly satisfied, so many purchase intentions were reached on the spot.

This Fair is a feast for the industry and a journey of harvest. In this exhibition, all samples of wood-plastic WPC decking floor and wood-plastic WPC wall panels were sold or presented to prospective buyers. We also brought back many valuable opinions from end-users and dealers.

HOSUNG WPC 3D deep embossed floor, co-extrusion decking and wall panel, WPC fence boards technology, and co-extrusion wood-plastic technology have achieved long-term development in outdoor home furnishing materials. We have occupied a pivotal position in wood-plastic outdoor products with good market operation ability. We know that “there is a long way to go.” We will also continue to improve the management system, accelerate the process of building the HOSUNG WPC brand, rationally face the market demand, and create more high-quality products to serve the majority of users and friends as one of the composite decking manufacturers in china.

HOSUNG wpc china,composite decking from china - HOSUNG WPC Composite
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