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Background of the project
This case is located in Oregon, in a remote town. Most of the houses in the town adopt wooden structures, and the neighbors’ courtyards are semi-open. The owner hopes to extend the free environment while maintaining the original semi-open space structure, and wants to have a free and comfortable place to relax.
There are few well-designed courtyards in the town, which are more casual and free. Therefore, it is necessary to create your own style. It seems very feasible, but due to the lack of comparison and reference, designers can only use their own creativity to conceive. . The owner’s request is very simple, that is, to grasp the attribute of leisure, the whole building must have a sense of hierarchy, and be able to provide a leisure space and a place for dining together.

The primary need of users is: leisure. The original garden space was messy, with no scenery and functional partitions. Therefore, the new design must take into account the leisure attributes, and at the same time differentiate the functional areas through hierarchical design to create a good place for leisure and dining. The overall design needs to grasp the balance and coordination of the landscape, distinguish it from the surroundings, and at the same time have an inclusive scene.
Project Overview
After dozens of days of design, material selection, and installation, the courtyard finally achieved its ideal appearance. The unpretentious setting, natural decoration, and unobtrusive collocation are all faithful to the owner’s imagination of the courtyard.
When you step into the small courtyard, the most intuitive feeling is that it is clean and beautiful. The partitioned layout design makes the scene functions more clear. The top floor is a lounge area with lounge chairs, which is a good place for afternoon naps and sunbathing; the second floor is an open area that connects the upper and lower floors, where you can freely arrange any activities you want, whether it is a party or a dinner, it will not appear cramped; the lower floor is for dining area, suitable for both daily use and entertaining guests.
The HOSUNG WPC new material team assisted in the design and implementation of this project, thinking about what the customers thought and presenting what the customers felt. 25-year quality guarantee eliminates subsequent maintenance and upkeep costs.

Design inspiration
In a slow-paced town, what customers pursue is a leisurely and quiet lifestyle. To this end, the courtyard should be properly integrated with the surrounding environment and the house. The color tone is calm mica gray, and the style is restrained but not ostentatious, fully expressing the low-key and humble character of the owner.
The overall courtyard is generous and elegant, and combined with the Yuehe Wood·Natural series flooring, the pixel-level anti-wood texture brings realistic wood grain sensations, making people feel like they are among natural logs even though they are living in an artificial landscape. It also matches the atmosphere hanging on the railings at night. Lamps allow viewers to know their own interests and enjoy themselves.

Let’s take a break to chat and drink wine together
In the small town of Canby, the garden presents us with another style. The day is setting in the west, the sky is as clear as a wash, and the sunlight shifts past the railings, reflecting the red flowers and green leaves, the long tables and chairs. Set up a row of North American-style BBQs, open a bottle of Corona, enjoy the refrigerated drinks, and gather with friends here. It’s lively but not cramped.

Tree edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique
In the micro-view, you can observe every detail of the wood fiber on the HOSUNG WPC board. It adopts a 360° fully covered nano-polymer surface layer, which can achieve non-absorbent and maintenance-free daily use. There is no need to paint or renovate or repair. It is not afraid of the sun and can be cleaned in the rain. It will look like new for 25 years. The materials can be recycled periodically, which is ecological and environmentally friendly.

You can overlook the broad-leaved forest and fertile plains in the distance. Standing against the railing, you can feel the vastness embraced by you. From the spring when the snow has not yet melted, to the noisy summer with cicadas and rain, to the golden and fruitful autumn, to the lonely and empty winter, you can feel the beauty of the four seasons on this platform. There is no need to stick to external things, but seek inner abundance. In a courtyard, you can create your own material world.

Sitting on the steps, I saw the silence, walking and hearing that the coat was removed
The steps in this courtyard are divided into two elements: “table” and “step”. The platforms represent the three planes and the steps represent the elements connecting the platforms. Steps can form an independent space, and can also separate planes, so that the scenery changes with each step, and the upper and lower directions are followed, making the entire courtyard more three-dimensional and layered.
The space between the steps is called a “space bridge” by the designer. Each step brings a different angle and a different scenery. Thereby possessing various forms of beauty, the flow of light and shadow restores the harmonious beauty between man and nature.

A bottle of wine in the mountains, a basin of orchids in front of the bottle
Several pots of green plants and flowers are placed at the corners and visual intersections of the courtyard, which is quite a “finishing touch”. The interior scenery is harmonious, the exterior scenery is spacious, a garden without flowers is not spring, and flowers in the air are not entertaining. Here, people and things are suitable. You can have a cup of tea or a glass of red wine. It doesn’t hurt to be sober or a little tipsy.

The reason why customers choose HOSUNG WPC new materials is nothing more than product fit and concept fit.
Product fit: HOSUNG WPC products performed well in 4000 and 6000 hours anti-aging tests, and can withstand 120 hours of boiling water cooking without deformation, cracking or blistering. The peeling adhesive force of the co-extruded layer of the glue-free product has reached an astonishing 8.08N/mm², and its weather resistance and product life are far superior to ordinary wood.

Concept fit: As a leader in the wood-plastic industry, HOSUNG WPC recycles tens of thousands of tons of recycled plastic every year and protects hundreds of thousands of trees from being cut down. While supporting the domestic high-end wood-plastic brand image, it also contributes to the global recycling ecology. HOSUNG WPC POWER. Eliminate plastic waste, reduce deforestation, and protect a harmonious ecology. HOSUNG WPC’s concept of harmonious coexistence with nature is deeply recognized by customers.
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