Is co-extruded wood plastic decking durable? Is the quality good?

HOSUNG WPC co-extruded wood plastic decking

With the continuous upgrading of wood-plastic decking, the co-extrusion wood-plastic decking technology has become very mature, and it has continuously entered people’s field of vision and is well known by the majority of people;

So what are the benefits of laying co-extruded wood plastic decking outdoors?

How durable is it outdoors?

What are the scenarios it is applicable to?

Today let’s talk about co-extruded wood plastic decking

01. What is co-extruded wood plastic decking?

Co-extruded wood plastic decking adds a layer of co-extruded coating technology to the surface of the floor, making the floor better waterproof and moisture-proof, as well as excellent anti-fouling, easy to clean, and anti-fungal properties;

Moreover, the surface of the co-extruded layer also has a 3D embossed texture, which adds anti-slip and aesthetic properties to the floor;

The unique coating technology makes the floor surface delicate and gentle to the touch, with low thermal conductivity and anti-static;

02. What are the advantages of co-extruded wood plastic decking?

▼ Excellent water resistance

Co-extruded wood-plastic decking is coated with a polymer co-extrusion layer on the surface and has excellent waterproof properties outdoors. The co-extruded layer on the surface can effectively prevent moisture from intruding and damaging the core layer of the floor. And when water drops on the floor, the water will form a drop shape on the floor surface and will not spread and penetrate into the core layer of the floor. Can be used in hydrophilic environments where ordinary wood cannot be used.

▼ Anti-fouling and anti-fungal

Wood-plastic decking is laid outdoors. In addition to being easy to clean, its anti-fouling properties cannot be ignored. The unique coating technology on the surface of the co-extruded wood-plastic floor makes the surface delicate. The garbage in daily life, oil stains, drinks and other water stains will not easily penetrate into the interior of the floor. It only needs to be cleaned up with a clean rag in time.

The co-extrusion layer covering the floor also effectively prevents the invasion of mold caused by rotting flowers/leaves around the floor, and has excellent anti-mold properties.

▼Easy to clean

Wood-plastic decking does not require painting and maintenance outdoors, but it also requires a simple cleaning. The way to clean co-extruded wood plastic decking is to rinse the surface with clean water. (When rinsing, it will be cleaner along the texture of the floor.) If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of dish soap and water to clean it.

03. Where can co-extruded wood plastic decking be used?

Co-extruded wood plastic decking has a wide range of use scenarios and can be well applied to courtyard leisure platforms, family terraces, balconies, courtyard swimming pools, koi fish ponds, scenic squares, seaside plank roads, etc.;

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