Composite WPC decking boards with deep embossed finish, 3D embossed WPC decking, and 3D WPC wall panel.

2 composite wpc decking boards deep embossed, 3d embossed wpc decking, 3d wpc wall panel - HOSUNG WPC Composite

Composite WPC decking boards deep embossed, redefine outdoor decks, outdoor wall boards丨HOSUNG WPC Frontier Outdoor Materials Pavilion. As a professional wood-plastic outdoor home furnishing manufacturer in China, HOSUNG WPC presents the current popular outdoor home furnishing WPC materials, leads by design, provides a one-stop new material selection solution, and unlocks the most in outdoor WPC decking, wall cladding gameplay with you this year. 3d composite decking is one of our highlights.

HOSUNG WPC brings embossed cladding and embossed composite decking with the theme of “Beauty of Concave and Convex.”, a simple texture, redefining WPC outdoor decorative materials with three-dimensional touch. Stereo embossed redefines decking & cladding & fencing boards. Different from standard grooves or classic flat decking and wall cladding, embossed cladding and embossed composite decking has three-dimensional patterns and textures, presenting a high-end atmosphere and delicate decorative effect. HOSUNG WPC has launched eight series of embossed designs, or wavy, triangular, willow-shaped, mountain-shaped, or cloud-shaped, patterns in various forms, making WPC outdoor decorative materials environmentally friendly and, at the same time, let you. There are more options to personalize your home.

3.6 m composite WPC decking boards, deep embossed wall cladding boards, and 3d embossed grain composite fencing boards tongue and grooved fence panels, filling the gap in the home furnishing market. Eight patterns have applied for appearance patent protection. According to the staff, the production technology of these deep embossed decking & cladding & fencing boards came from Japanese printing technology. It was introduced and optimized by HOSUNG WPC in 2013. Its most significant feature is that the product pattern is realistic, non-slip, and not easy to disappear. HOSUNG WPC’s 3d embossed WPC decking wood-plastic composite material is used as the base material, composed of 3d embossed patterns of various patterns, as a decking material for outdoor paving. The design is wear-resistant and non-slip and is still clearly visible after 20 years.

For more than ten years, HOSUNG WPC has been continuously “working hard” in product design and innovation, combining the traditional WPC decking & cladding & fencing home decoration style to bring forth the new. HOSUNG WPC has established cooperative relations with millboard, Bridgewood, Megawood, Bridgewood, Ecodeck, and many other outdoor home furnishing brands. In the Composite WPC materials with serious homogeneity, HOSUNG WPC opens up another way and fills the gap of 3d embossed in the market.

We look forward to HOSUNG WPC’s better performance in the future.

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  • 3d wpc wall panel
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  • embossed wood plank

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