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As for Plastic fence panels, We have a question to confirm with you, is the length of the U Channels in your new order determined to be 1830mm? Last time you purchased a requirement to update the length of 1850mm.L

You can place a new order for Plastic fence panels :
5 x Pallets Fencing U Channels 1850mm Long
U Channel Caps for above
Pallets Black Fencing
500 x Aluminium Top Beams for Fencing
500 c Aluminium Bottom Beams for Fencing
400 x Plastic covers for Fencing Post Mounts

How many Plastic fence panels can a 20ft container hold?

A 20ft container can load 12 pallets of the length of 1.83m of Plastic fence panels; the detail is as follows,7 x Mid Grey fencing(336pcs/pallet), 4 x Silver/Grey Fencing(336pcs/pallet), 300 x Aluminium Top Beams//300 x Aluminium Bottom Beams.

Do you have any specific requirements for the Plastic fence panels customization?

Branding (plastic straps, print on cardboard, and plastic protective film on top of cardboard) We have to confirm as below:1.We have to design a type of Plastic fence panels that matches your Aluminium post. Please advise the width and Thickness you want. Or the best is to provide a rough design you want, so we will ask our technician to draw the mold design for your confirmation.2.Please advise on the plastic straps, cardboard and plastic protective film designs, and materials. We will check the cost accordingly.3.As soon as the fencing design is confirmed. Package materials cost confirmed. We will be able to quote.

Size of your Plastic fence panels:

Ancient Series Fencing BoardsFW162K20Silver Gray Mixed1830*162*20mm
Mocha Mixed1830*162*20mm
Teak Mixed1830*162*20mm
Ancient Series Decking BoardsFW148K25Silver Gray Mixed3660*148*25mm
Mocha Mixed3660*148*25mm
Teak Mixed3660*148*25mm
Dragon Series Decking BoardsFW148K25Silver Gray3660*148*25mm
Red Brown3660*148*25mm

We would like to have a price for these products/options:

-HS140S23 Golden Teak(2 prices:for 2 million or 6 million linear feet)
-HS142Y23 Walnut(three products with this Item number are in the file you sent.Why?(2 prices:for 2 million or 6 million linear feet)
-FW140S25-Dragon texture charcoal(2 prices:for 2 million or 6 million linear feet)
-HX140Y25B(2 prices:for 2 million or 6 million linear feet)
We will ask for samples following your quotations,
Let us know if you have any other questions,

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20″container or a 40″Container for the Plastic fence panels goods?

As for the Plastic fence panels, do you plan to load them in a 20″container or a 40″Container since 20″Container size is OK for the 12 pallets of fence boards, but the weight might be a problem. as 4116pcs*1.83m=7532.28m*2.65kgs/m=19,960.5kgs, with pallet weight and packing material weight, total G.W will be more than 20,000kgs. Please confirm with your forwarder if a weight of more than 20,000kgs is available for your country. For a 20″ container,336pcs per pallet, 4032pcs will be fine.

Plastic fence panels delivery schedule?

As for the delivery schedule, I will make a list for your new orders total of 16 containers, before 28 FEB after I check with our production Dep.

Do you recommend a length to fix to the wall bearing in mind the changes in weather, i.e., hot and cold, and the movement of the product? Also, do you do a butt joint to join the two together? Is there a limit to the length it can be installed considering contracting and expansion? Also, do you do a joiner to join 2 bits of cladding together lengthways?

As for the length of the wall cladding, do you mean the distance for the joist? As for the fixing way, no, we don’t have a button for it because the cladding is designed for using screws, and it’s better to predrill a hole when fixing it. Thanks.

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As for the Plastic fence panels system. Do you have any pics of the plan you already have or want to have?

Please let me know which one you prefer, and also the size for the fence, such as Height and Length. If not, please let me know what site the fence used, then I can discuss it with our offer you a unique design.

We are also considering supplying a simple Plastic fence panels system to complement this decking. Are you able to help us with this, please?

We would like either a picket fence or a ranch-style fence, but it will need to be in a modular form so simple to buy and install, and of course, it will need to compliment the decking.

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