Pisos Decking 3D Embossed y Wall Panel Cladding —— Inquiries from customers in Peru

Estimados Hosung, Estamos interesados en comprar pisos WPC DECKING con acabados dobles en 3D Deep Embossing, junto con los durmientes y accesorios necesarios para la instalación (300M2), además buscamos paneles Wall Panel Cladding (200M2). Nos gustaría poder tener una exhibición de los diferentes colores para poder importarlos a pedido. Nosotros actualmente nos dedicamos a la venta e instalación de Equipos de Cocina y patio y desde este año estamos complementando la oferta con productos como pisos SPC, Muebles de cocina y del hogar, Pergolas de aluminio y nos falta cerrar con los pisos para exteriores y paneles. Trabajamos con Inmobiliarias y Proyectos Hoteleros. Me comentan que tan posible es empezar con un contenedor de 20 y poder iniciar nuestra alianza comercial. saludos

Dear Alejandro. We are glad to receive your inquiry about our WPC 3D embossed decking and wall panel products. This is Joyce from Hosung WPC CompanyWe a company specializing in the manufacture ring of WPC products for over ten years; our products range from composite decking, cladding, fencing, railing, and pergola series of garden products. Our products have been exported to 60 countries, and there are over. Two hundred distributors around the world. Every month we have over70 containers dispatched from our factory to foreign countries. Our company is the founder of 3Dembossed wpc products. The 3D embossed WPC products we have developed since 2015 have occupied a significant market share in the current WPC market, and it has become a trend. Later 8ur 3B embossed 88-sxtrusi8nproducts are also famous among our clients. Wall panel : Series: co-extrusion fluted cladding Series: 3D embossed wall panel Size: 219*26mmItem name:HS219K26 Size : 156*21mmItem name: FW156021 Based on your inquiry, we would like to recommend our top-quality 3D embossed decking and wall panel products. These materials are designed to meet your requirements for durability, aesthetic appeal, and efficient performance. Please find below the details for your consideration:consideration: 3D embossed decking :Series : co-extrusion 3D embossedSeries : co-extrusion (Double-sided two-color 3D embossed ) Normal 3D embossed decking series : Normal 3D embossed decking size : 142*23mm HS142Y23Item name: HS138Y23Size:146*25mmItem name: FW146Y25Size: 148K25Item name : FW148K25 Wall panel : Series: co-extrusion fluted cladding Series: 3D embossed Size: 219*26mmItem name:HS219K26 Size : 156*21mmItem name: FW156021 We would like to request you to review our above models kindly. Please let us know if any products catch your attention, and we will provide you with the corresponding price list. To provide an accurate quotation, please let me know if you imported wpc products from China before or did you buy it in Peru. We would be delighted to provide you with price lists and free samples, as requested. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or require any additional information. Waiting for your reply.

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