WPC Ceiling – A New Alternative to Wood Materials

WPC ceiling - Enhance the style of the space
WPC ceiling – Enhance the style of the space

WPC ceiling is a new popular building material in recent years. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration due to its healthy, eco-friendly features, novel look, and good decorative effect. In addition, this material is also waterproof, flame retardant, insect-resistant, and anti-aging, which makes it not only fit in the field of home decoration but also in large-scale construction projects, such as ecological gardens, museums, hotels, conference rooms, and more.


WPC ceiling panel- Add beauty to the space
WPC ceiling panel- Add beauty to the space

Advantages of WPC Ceiling

  1. High performance. Waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-insect, anti-fungal, strong acid resistance and alkali resistance;
  2. Beautiful. Good overall visual effect, work well with lamps and other decorations, suitable for both home and business places;
  3. Eco-friendly. No formaldehyde or other toxic substances were released;
  4. Durable. Long warranty period, 10-year guarantee for color keeping indoors;
  5. Firm connection. All the pieces can be installed and removed repeatedly;
  6. Easy to install and repair. Lower maintenance costs than real wood;
  7. Make the layout of ventilation facilities and fire sprinklers easier.


WPC composite ceiling - Modern design and option

High Performance of WPC Ceiling Panel

The wood plastic composite ceiling uses a main and secondary joist structure and distributes them in a crisscrossed way, which gives the composite ceiling a clear and 3D structure, adding a novel style to the look. In the meantime, the WPC ceiling also embraces features of better fire prevention, moisture protection, and good ventilation. The new WPC ceiling is welcomed by a lot of decoration practitioners because it wipes off the shortcomings of traditional materials, such as difficulty in removing and replacing, and easy joist deformation.

In addition, the application of the WPC ceiling also makes the rooftop air conditioning, fire control, other piping, and electrical maintenance very convenient. In terms of processing performance, there is no big difference between wood plastic ceilings and traditional wood ceilings. They can both be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded, or fixed with bolts. What’s more, the surface of the wood-plastic ceiling is smooth and delicate and never needs sanding and painting.


WPC composite ceiling - Modern design and option

Varied Options of WPC Ceilings

Plastic wood ceilings have better performance than real wood, mainly reflected in the dimensional stability, which is better than that of real wood. Composite ceiling rarely produces cracks or warping, there is no wood knots and diagonal lines, and so on. In the processing of WPC ceiling, you can add color agents, add a coat, or make a composite surface layer, so the products have more vivid color options to fully meet the needs of different users. And WPC ceiling does not need regular maintenance like traditional wood materials.


WPC composite ceiling - Modern design and option
WPC composite ceiling – Modern design and option

The wood plastic composite ceiling is comparable to real wood in appearance, and has higher hardness than plastic materials, and has longer service life than both real wood and plastic materials. This material not only meets people’s current requirements in health and environmental protection but also achieves a lasting and beautiful effect through its varied modeling and personalized matching techniques, which is a perfect alternative to other materials.

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