At the Start We’re Interested in Buying From You 2 Full Containers of Composite Decking Germany (2/2)

Hello Mr K,
Glad to know that you have received our samples of composite decking germany and are satisfied with our sample packaging.
Regarding your questions, please see my reply in red,

variant 1, all 40ft with: HX146K24A
variant 2, all 40ft with: HX150K25A
variant 3, all 40ft with: HX140S22

Yes, the size and the weight(kg/m) will influence the loading capacity. The weight limit for a 40ft container is 25,000kgs, we leave 500kgs for the pallets and other packaging materials. So the net weight for the WPC decking should be 24500kgs, different weight (kg/m) of WPC decking can come into container with different meters.

2. Please check the price for your requested items as follows:

NOModelPrice (USD/M)

Best regards,
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Here is a list of what composite decking germany we want to include in the first order.

HX146K24A (still doubt)
FW48K25A Wicker
FW48K25A Dragon

Tell me please the weight per meter or piece.
This will help me in the formation of an order for each of the 2 or 3 containers that will be in the 1st order.
and tell me please, will in container fit 4 x 2.90 meters each?
Best regards.

Dear Mr K,
Please check the following list, the weight is for per meter.

ProductWeight, kgs/meter
HX146K24A (still doubt)2.3
FW48K25A Wicker2.74
FW48K25A Dragon2.74

You are right, a container can load 4 rows of 2.9 meters of WPC decking. (2.9 meters is the standard length, it’s good to do the stock)
Any more questions, please feel free to ask.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,

The information I found, says that the maximum for a 40ft container is 26.480kg.
Tell me please, what total load to follow when placing an order?
Can I place orders for 26.000 kg. or what threshold to follow?
And tell me please, can you make packaging material with our logo?

Dear Mr K,
The information you get from the website about the maximum loading capacity is right (Gross weight -26.48tons), in most conditions it can be accepted.
But we get from our agent, the railway transportation department can only accept gross weight within 25tons. So when you place order, please follow this weight limit. Gross weight limit is 25Tons, then the product net weight please control within 24.5Tons, as there are still 500kgs need to leave for the packaging materials.
For the container inside dimensions, the website data is no problem. But when you calculate the loading, the inside maximum length please reference to 11.8m. One is theoretical data (11.978m), one is our practical data(11.8m).
The packaging we can put your logo no problem. I want to know you will order long length shorter length?
If your ordered product length is over 4 meters we will use loose packing, the product length less than 4 meters we will use the pallet packing.
Pallet is more convenient for loading and unloading, which can save time and labor cost.
Here I send some of our other clients WPC decking packing with logo for your reference.
Loading by Pallets

Composite Decking Germany
Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
thank you for your message.
in the first batch we want to order 4-5 containers of composite decking germany. I send you an order for 2 containers.
Please check if we can place this order?
In 1-2 days I will send another file with an order for 2-3 more containers (there will be other products: 3d embossed decking, wall cladding).
I attached a logo for product packaging and packs.

Dear Mr,
I have checked the order details you sent, the quantity is no problem, just do some small changes for the quantity of each container.
1. The railway transportation department requests the loading weight for the 40ft container not over 25Tons (Gross weight). If gross weight is over this weight limit, the container can not be shipped. It’s strictly when compared with the sea shipping.

Considering the wooden pallets and packaging materials weight, so please adjust the total weight maximum 24500kgs for 40ft container in your EXCEL FORM
Composite Decking Germany 4 1 Composite Decking Germany,WPC decking - HOSUNG WPC Composite
2. For the HX146K20A profile, it is not suggested. This type the thickness is just 20mm and also it’s hollow profiles, most of our clients use it as the fencing board not use it as wpc decking. Because of the 20mm thickness, it’s easy to bend, please do not choose this item. We want to eastablish long-term relations with your company, we don’t want you to choose this profile and finally have problems. This type price is cheap, but we can only offer 3-year warranty if you buy it for deck use.
3. For the customized logo, there is no problem. The packaging materials cost we will bear on our side, but there is a printing plate charge $** shall be beared on your side, please note it.
4. I have checked the latest railway transportation cost today. The good news is that the cost decreased a lot. Now a 40ft container from our factory to Hamburg station is $10,200. (This price is valid to May,14th.) When we ship the container, maybe we can get a better price.
Please revise the order quantity and send it back to us. I will make the sales contract then.
Waiting for your reply.
Best regards


Dear Ms Yang,
1. Thanks for your message. I will do it.
2. The issue of quality is very important. Customers need WPC decking boards for a long service life. There is a similar product on the German market. It is in great demand among buyers due to its low cost. We also want to have a similar product. How do you rate the replacement of the HX146K20A profile with the HX146K24A profile? Can you provide more than 3 years’s warranty for HX146K24A profile?
3. Of course, we agree to the cost of the printed board. Costs of $** will be charged by you at a time, that is, once?
4. This is great news. This will definitely help your business grow. As I said earlier, there will be 4-5 containers in the first order. I’m up to doing this in excel form. Need clarification on point 2.

Dear Mr K,

1. I understand you need a cheaper product to meet a group of consumers or you will not spend time on choosing HX146K20A or HX146K24A. Both HX146K20A and HX146K24A we can offer 3 years warranty, I don’t want you to choose any type of them. I thought you would choose HX150K25A and HX140S20, these two types would be highly recommended. (If you must need to choose from HX146K20A and HX146K24A, then choose HX146K24)
2. The $300 is only charge at the 1st time, no need in future orders.
3. Yes, it is a very good news, this will help a lot for our business of WPC decking.

Best regards.
Lucy Yang

Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
I sent you an order for 3 containers of composite decking germany.
Please check if we can place this order.
Best regards.

Dear Mr K,

Thanks for your order.

Here are some points I want to confirm with you.

  1. For the 3D embossed decking, the colors are as follows, there is no “Red Wood”, but “Red Brown”. Can you confirm if you can change it to “Red Brown”?
  2. For the joist HX40K30A, always it is black color. As we pave it under decking, people can not see the color. There is no need to be the same as the deck color. If you want to choose the Chocolate color, the price will be 3% higher. (Normally we have 2 productions that keep producing the black joist, so the cost can be saved. If the client needs other colors, we need to produce them separately, the cost will be higher.)
  3. The Grey color price is 5% higher than the deck with other colors, please note it. (The raw materials and colorants for making the grey color are more expensive than other colors.) Check if you need to change grey to other colors.
  4. I see in the 2nd container, that there is a HX146K20A wpc decking, it is a typing mistake? It should be HX146K24A, right?

Kindly confirm the points above. Once confirmed, I will send the sales contract.
Also please note that the production time of these 3 containers is 30 days after receiving the deposit.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
I sent an updated order for 3 containers. Please check if we can place this order.

Composite Decking Germany-11

We really want the Gray color of composite decking Germany.
For joist HX40K30A please make chocolate color.
Thank you for noticing the error. We need a product: HX146K24A. Could you tell me please, if can you do gray color on the product: HX146K24A? And tell me please, which product is stronger: HX60K40A or HX60K40B? please send us prices for the following items (from the catalog): HX60K40A, HX60K40B.

We are ready to forward this order and pay the deposit.
Best regard

Dear Mr K,
I have made the sales contract for your requested order details. Please check in attachment.
For your questions, please see my reply below:
1. HX146K24A WPC decking also can make grey color, the price is also 5% higher than other colors.
2. HX60K40A is stronger than HX60K40B, the weight is also heavier. Check if you have any questions on the sales contract. If no questions, please help sign it and send it back to me. I told you the delivery time is 30 days, today I’ll confirm again with the production department, as there are many items and colors, so we need some more days.
I wrote 40 days of production time in the sales contract, but we will try to finish in 30 days after receiving your deposit.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
Please help with clarifying the clarification of the delivery of containers through the railway.
Perhaps it will be faster and more convenient.
I made some color changes in the contract. I have attached a photo with corrections.
Only a few positions and only colors are corrected (types of products and lengths unchanged).

HX60K40A we will also order in the following containers. Please tell me the data on its weight and cost. In the next month, we will place an order for 2 more containers, and we will order HX140S20A in a length of 4 m. Please tell me, which product do you order HX150K25A or FW48K25A more often? I ask because we originally wanted to order the HX150K25A, but then decided to order the FW48K25A WPC decking.
Best regards

Dear Mr K,
1. For the delivery matter, I have clarified in my last email. And the railway transportation time is 16 days.
2. I have revised the sales contract as per your new requirements, please check the sales contract in attachment.
3. Check below for the HX60K40A profile data Model Weight per meter Price per meter $HX60K40A 1.62kg/Meter $**/Meter

4. Regarding HX150K25A and FW148K25A, we are exporting around 20 containers per month for the FW148K25A, sometimes over 30 containers. As we have some distributors they are focusing on distributing just this profile. But to my point of view, it depends on your local clients’ preferences. FW148K25 surface is the 3D embossed type, the client who likes the 3D embossed wood grains will like this type.

But there are some people who like the traditional type, they will prefer HX150K25A type with grooves on two sides. These two profiles the quality both very good, you can choose any type. I can tell you that FW148K25A is the best seller among the 3D embossed WPC decking types and HX150K25A is the best seller among the standard series. Our main market for the FW148K25A is UK, every year around 200 containers specially for this profile. I am not sure whether the German market has simillar preferences for the WPC decking with the UK market.

Hope my reply helps.
See if there are any more questions.
Best regards


Dear Ms Yang,
Please fix the contract in paragraph 6 should be: by train to Munich Station, Germany

Best regards

Dear Mr K,
Sorry for the mistake.
Please check here the updated sales contract.
Best regards

Dear Mr K,
We have received your deposit in the afternoon.
The production has been arranged today and the production time is 30 days.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang

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