At the Start We’re Interested in Buying From You 2 Full Containers of Composite Decking Germany (1/2)

Today, we are excited to introduce one of our recent collaborations with a customer from Germany. Join us as we take a closer look at a conversation between our Sales Director Lucy Yang and this valued customer.

Customer: I’m Interested in Your Composite Decking Germany

Dear Mr K,
Thanks for your inquiry.
This is Lucy from Hosung WPC Company. We are a company specializing in the manufacturing of WPC decking, cladding, fencing and a series of other composite wood products. We have been in this line for over 10 years with the export volume around 60,000 sqm every month.
I just checked your website and found you are selling the Siberian Larch wood. This wood you are importing from Russia and now I guess the war between Russia and Ukraine may have a big influence on your business, right?
To be honest, the composite wood decking is the best replacement for the real wood. It’s far-sighted that you have the idea to have more information about the WPC decking products and maybe this can be your next business plan.
I am not sure whether you did some surveys for the WPC decking board, here I can tell at least 5 reasons why clients should choose composite wood decking when compared with normal wood,
1. 60% recycled wood fiber, 30% recycled HDPE and 10% chemical additives of the composition make it eco-friendly materials. (We also have the FSC certificate)
2. No maintenance need. The pine wood needs to do the paint every year.
3. Almost no fading when installed outside.
4. Price is cheaper than pinewood when considering about free maintenance.
5. Long lifetime.

Since you also have been in this business for over 10 years, I think you must have a good knowledge of your product competitor —WPC decking product.
Here I also attached our E-catalog for your checking. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
Thank you for looking for information about us. We have been interested in your products for a long time.
Many of our customers want to buy Composite Decking Germany.
And we also want to make our business safer so that we do not depend only on products from Russia.
We are interested in buying your products and we plan to buy 70-100 cubic meters (2-3 trucks) of products per month.
1. Please send your price list.
2. Also, please tell me, do you have solutions for cargo logistics to Europe?
Interested in how (truck, ship…) and how much it will cost.
Best regards.

Dear Mr K,
Thanks for your reply.
Glad to know that you already have planned to start your WPC decking business. Since you have ready client groups and sales channels, all these are a good basis for the WPC business.

WPC decking products are not calculated by cubic meters, we sell by meter and square meter. Each section’s size is depending on the mould. We have over 100 moulds for clients to choose right now, but always clients just choose one or two types to do the marketing.

The board price depends on the weight, the heavier the higher price. As you can see, we have solid decking and hollow decking. For hollow decking, we have square hollow and round hollow. This kind of classification is to offer different price choices for clients.

Solid decking Price higher but strength stronger
Round hollow decking Price is in medium, strength is good
Square Hollow decking Price cheaper but strength is weaker than Round hollow decking

You can see the 3 types of WPC decking from the following pictures.

Composite Decking Germany

Except for the different shapes of the 3 types of decking, we classify our WPC into 3 series. These 3 series we classified according to the WPC technology and the development history.

Here I offer you a brief introduction to these 3 series to give you a better understanding of our products and help you make your choices.

Superior Series (2nd Generation Co-extrusion WPC Decking)
This series we also call it “Co-extrusion 3D embossed decking“. It is developed on the basis of Hosung 3D embossed decking. We add an external polymer coating surrounding the WPC decking. The external polymer tightly wraps the core materials, which greatly enhances the UV resistance and wear resistance of the composite deck. It protects the boards from water, stains and loss of color.

Also we kept the WPC decking’s natural wood grain aesthetical characteristics, and its two-coloured surface also offers us more visual enjoyment.

  1. All the oil and ink stains can be cleaned without traces even after 24 hours.
  2. Very little color fading when exposed outside.
  3. Longer lifetime when compared with the 1st generation WPC decking. (Solid deck we offer 25 years warranty, hollow deck we offer 20 years warranty)
  4. Different surface embossings and mixed colors for choice.
  5. Combine aesthetics and good quality together.

Classic Series (1st Generation Extrusion WPC Decking)
WPC decking of this series we also call it “3D Embossed decking“. This 3D embossing technology is developed by our company since 2015. The traditional WPC decking type surface all are the fines as what you can see the above type. We want to change this barren design, then we think of pressing the wood grains on the surface.

We designed different wood grain rollers and installed them on the production line. When the WPC decking boards were extruded from the machine, the rollers would press wood grains on the deck surface. The experiment was very successful, the board’s wood grains looked very beautiful.

And when we launched this product to the market, we received a very good market response. Later more and more factories copy us and make this 3D wood grain boards, but our technology is still the best and the whole WPC industry knows that we are the founder of 3D Embossed decking. This product is Hosung’s featured product.

  1. The wood grains can last forever.
  2. Will have 15%-20% color fading in the 1st year after installation, later the color will become stable.
  3. We offer 15 years warranty for this series solid type, 12 years for the round hollow decking, and 8 years for the square hollow decking.
  4. Many different good grains for choice.

Standard Series (1st Generation Extrusion WPC Decking)
WPC decking of this series is the traditional type, the techniques are not that difficult. The production speed is also much quicker than classic series and the price for this type is cheaper than the 2 series above. I’ll list here the advantages for the standard series, (Most advantages are shared by all series)

  1. Eco-friendly material (Made of recycled materials, save the forest resources)
  2. Durable, waterproof and have good shock resistance.
  3. Low water absorption, insect prevention and corrosion protection.
  4. No need to paint every year. Very low maintenance cost.
  5. Color can last for a long time without change. Only by a small percentage of fading in the 1st year after installation.
  6. We offer 6 years warranty for this series square hollow decking, 8 years for the round hollow decking and 12 years for the solid decking.


* Regarding the price, please check the product catalog and choose your interested items, and then I offer a quotation to you accordingly.
* For the shipping freight, I have checked with the shipping company. A 40ft container from Wuhu port to Hamburg port is $13400 right now. The price is valid until March, 14th. The shipping time is around 40 days.
* Our normal production time for a 40ft container is around 25 days. If you have a bigger order quantity, we can open more moulds to meet it. As shipping time plus production time need around 2 months, the production schedule is of great importance if you have continued order in the future.

I am here attaching our product catalog again. Please choose your interested items. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message and attaching your product catalog.
At the start we are interested in buying from you 2 full containers with the following products:
(It’s important for us that the containers are as full as possible).

Dragon Texture
Dragon Texture
Dragon Texture
Dragon Texture
11HX60K40B 4m500
12HX60K40A 4m100
13HXST05 50000
14HXST01 2500

Please offer with cost and production time.
Please consider giving us good starting prices.
Can you please ask the transport company if they have other delivery methods (train, truck) to Hamburg?
Maybe they will cost less than by sea.
Best regards.

Dear Mr K,
We’ve received your order list.
Before I send you the price list, there are some points I need to know. (I have sent by whastapp, I copy here also)

1. The HX60K40 profile you want to buy for what application? This type we are always using for decoration applications, can not be used as joists paved under the decking. Because this profile can not bear much pressure. If you want to use them as the joist, I suggest you change into other items.

2. The container you can accept packing in small packages? As 5 meters length is a little long, if packing by pallet, it’s difficult for loading and unloading. If you accept loose packing,  we can pack 5 meters deck with 3 pieces per package.

3. The 40ft container’s inner length is 12 meters, we can mix the deck with a length of 5m+5m, 5m+4m, 4m+4m+3m to make the most use of the container space. With your current order length for different profiles, we will need to mix load them with different lengths. 

(This means we will load different items with different lengths in one container, they will all be mix loaded into the container. But we will put labels on each package and each pallet for your recognition.)

4. Your current order quantity is about 2.8 containers, you can add some more profiles to make the 3 containers full load. The loading capacity for a 40ft container can not over 26,000kgs (Gross weight), the packing materials will have around 500kgs weight, so the cargo net weight should not over 25500kgs. 

3x40ft container can load 76500kgs at the maximum, your current order weight is 70,900kgs, there are still 5600kgs space for you to add some profiles to make the container full load.
Here I added some columns in your list, which adds the weight and price for your reference.Composite Decking Germany

*The production time for 3 containers of the above items is 30 days after receiving the deposit.

*Regarding the quotation, what I offered you is a long term cooperation price, which is a very competitive price based on our high quality. I know you would be a good client with your rich experience on the decking, no need to offer you a high price to push you away. 

To be honest, the FW148K25A and HX150K25A these two items also our best sellers of all the hollow profiles. You know most of the profiles we just have one mould, this FW148K25A we have 20 moulds, in case you have more orders in the future, we can easily meet your production time.

*There are China-Europe freight trains, but we can never get the space. As the train space is very limited and most of them were booked by some state-owned businesses in advance. So shipping is the only way we can choose right now.

Hope the above information is helpful. Any more questions, just feel free to contact me.
Best regards
Lucy Yang

Dear Mr K,
I just got an update news from our another logistic company. The train space is available if the booking being arranged ahead of time.
The train transportation cost is the same as the vessel shipping cost $13400 (From our factory to Humburg station), but the transportation time just needs 20 days. The weight limit for a 40ft container is 25000kgs, so 3 containers loading capacity should not over 75000kgs.
Also our cooperating logistic company said they can handle the transportation in Germany. When the container reaches Humburg station, they can deliver the goods to your named place with an additional charge.
In case you need this service, we can check the cost for you later.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang 


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
We want to build business with you.
We looked at logistics solutions. We accept the shipping cost $13400 (from your factory to Humburg  station).
Please help us with sending samples.
We need samples because it’s important for us (to check the quality).
I have attached a list of product samples.
We are interested in these products in the first deliveries.
Best regards.

Dear Mr K,
Thank you for your reply.
We have prepared your requested samples.

Some notes:
1. The HX146K24A size we don’t have charcoal color sample left, the color we sent you is a customized chocolate color. When you place order, you can choose color from our swatches. (It’s included in the samples)
2. If you are going to choose one from HX150K25A and HX146K24A, I suggest you to choose HX150K25A. This type is stronger. As the wall thickness is bigger, so as the loading capacity. I attached a picture below. When you receive the samples, you can compare them by yourself.

Composite Decking Germany

3. For the joist, you chose the HX40K30B, but our most popular type is HX40K30A and HX40S25. The unique shape of the HX40K30A is more convenient for installation workers to fix the screw. HX40S25 solid joist is used for solid deck, when you order HX140S22 deck, we will suggest you to use the HX40S25 joist.

We have put the 3 types of joist in your samples for you to check. (The following are the 3 types) Composite Decking Germany

Here is a view of the samples we sent. We will send today by Fedex. Once we get the tracking number, will send you.Composite Decking Germany

Best regards.
Lucy Yang

Dear Mr K,
We have sent the sample by FEDEX, the fedex tracking number is ******
Recently the covid situation in Shanghai is serious, the sample parcel is still in Shanghai waiting for the custom clearance.
Will need some time to reach you.
Will update the sample status when we have further information.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang 


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message and sending the samples.
We hope to receive them quickly.
We will order the first batch of products after studying the samples.
We want to order 2 containers already in April.
For some of the samples you sent us, we don’t have a price.
Please send us prices for the following items: HX40K30A, HX40S25, HX40S25, HX55B55, HX219K28, FW162Q20, HS140Y23

Dear Mr K,
Thank you for your email.
I put the price below with your requsted itemsComposite Decking Germany

We didn’t send the samples of the last 3 items. But in case you are interested, we can send in the future.
Any more questions, please feel free to contact.
Best regards.
Lucy Yang


Dear Ms Yang,
Thank you for your message.
We have received the samples.
You did a very good job with shipping and packaging.
We liked the customized chocolate color of the HX146K24A.
We are now testing your samples and experimenting with them. We will inform you about the results later.
We will plan to order the first containers this month. We have not made a final decision yet.
1. Please tell me how many meters wpc decking can go into a 40ft container when choosing products:
variant 1, all 40ft with: HX146K24A
variant 2, all 40ft with: HX150K25A
variant 3, all 40ft with: HX140S22
It is important for me to understand if the size (146mm/150mm/140mm) or weight affects (kg/m) the capacity.
2. Please send us prices for the following items: HS140S23, HS140Y23, FW165Q15, HX100K100A

Best regards.

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