Hello, I’m Interested in Your WPC Panel Boards – Inquiries from Customer in Lithuania

Meet our latest client who is interested in our WPC panel boards, hailing all the way from Lithuania. Join us as we delve into their unique requirements and witness the engaging conversation between our adept sales manager, Jack Luo, and this discerning customer.

Customer: Hello, I’m interested in your WPC panel boards

Jack Luo: Hello this is Jack from Hosung WPC, Nice to meet you

Jack Luo: We have been a WPC manufacturer for over 10 years and our main products include WPC decking, wall cladding, fencing and pergola. Hosung Product Catalog-2.0V.pdf. (file) Enclosed is our catalog for your reference. If any interest, don’t hesitate to contact us:)
Customer: Good morning, I know what I need exactly, I will send to you a little bit later, with colours and dimensions of boards. 🙂
Jack Luo: Okay, thank you very much!!!
Customer: Composite paneling board: 156×21 3m length, 3D deep embossing
Customer: (pic) (pic) Colours – like below attached + black
Jack Luo: Okay. For these samples, you got them from other suppliers?
Customer: And I need terrace boards like attached. Dimensions – 135x25x3000mm (pic)
Customer: Yes, we’re buying them, but not from you 🙂 I got a recommendation to contact your company for them 🙂

Jack Luo: Thanks for your trust! Thanks again for your detailed requirements! According to your requirements, we have a similar solution to match your demands:
Jack Luo: 1. For the wall cladding, our standard colors are Charcoal, Chocolate, Grey, Oak, Teak, Red Brown (pic)
Customer: Okay, we will discuss colours – and I let you know. What about profile? It’s same? Or your different? Also about production terms? And prices?
Jack Luo: Composition of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Product.pdf
Jack Luo: 60% Wood Fibers+30% High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)+10% Additives
Jack Luo: The color difference is a little issue because we can do customized colors based on the client’s requirements.
Jack Luo: The production time just depends on your order quantity. Usually, if there are no customized parts, the lead time of 1* 20ft. container quantity is about 20-25 days
Jack Luo: About the prices, in order to improve the 20ft container utilization, we usually suggest our clients to do 2.9M length. The prices are based on 2.9M length as follows: (pic)

Jack Luo: Hi, seems that you had WPC decking suppliers before. May I know why you want to add a new supplier to your supplier
list? or your current supplier can not meet your requirements? Looking forward to your comments:)
Customer: Your boards’ Dimensions are the same as what I need? Also, can you take real photos of your board’s colours?
Jack Luo: The wall cladding is the same size: 156*21mm, but the WPC decking, our size is 148*25mm
Jack Luo: I will update the real photos for you soon.
Jack Luo: (pic) (pic) 6 colors. Just took photos under sunshine
Customer: Firstly we need to check your boards, so we thinking about 2 plts of wall cladding BLACK And 1 plts of terrace boards BLACK
Customer: How many boards goes to plt?
Customer: But I need no shorter than 3.00m length. Can be in this range: 3.00-3.05m length
Jack Luo: Actually, for our 148K25 deckings, 1 pallet can load 238pcs
Customer: And wall cladding?
Jack Luo: And for wall claddings, 1 pallet can load 280pcs
Customer: Good
Jack Luo: We can do 3-3.05M length for you, no problem

Jack Luo: In your previous purchase, you only imported 3m WPC boards?
Customer: You can choose which length in this range is best for you to produce.
Customer: Yes, we’re using only 3m long. 2.9m is too short for us.
Jack Luo: Okay, but for delivery. If you choose 20ft container, 3M length will be too long to load more panels. Usually, the inner length of 20ft container is 5.8M.
Customer: We bought before: Terrace boards – for **usd 3m; Cladding boards – **usd 3m. Can you calculate the best price? And we will order 3plts for the beginning, and I will please you to add samples of your all possible colours 🙂
Customer: How much time you need to produce 3plts?
Jack Luo: Usually, if all of the black color, 15-20 days will be ok
Customer: About other suppliers. I will answer later, I don’t ignore these questions 🙂
Jack Luo: Which question? The length of products?
Customer: (pic) About these questions

Customer: Talked about
Jack Luo: haha! You are a serious man, like a German.

Customer: Haha 🙂 (pic)
Jack Luo: About the prices you mentioned, I will calculate and discussed with our manager soon:)
Customer: Thanks to you 🙂
Jack Luo: BTW, 1 thing needs to let you know. for our products, the MOQ for each item is 200m². Any possible to purchase 2 pallets of WPC decking or cladding?
Jack Luo: I understand that it is the start of our cooperation and you can just buy 1 style to check our quality
Customer: I don’t understand, I want to start with 2plts of cladding BLACK; 1plts of terrace boards BLACK
Customer: Agh. 200m2. Now I get it
Jack Luo: I got your demand, yeah. The 2 plts cladding is enough for our MOQ. But the 1 plts deckings is 105m2
Jack Luo: Well, let me check with our production director about your requirement.

Jack Luo: I will also let you know later, Handsome **,
Customer: Hmm, I understand your MOQ, but if there are any possibilities to make for this time 105m2, it will be
better. Let me know when you can 🙂 Thanks a lot for your help.
Jack Luo: Dear Friend, I got your situation. I try to call our production director now and will let you know soon!

Jack Luo: Hi Mr.**, I am back!!
Jack Luo: About the MOQ, I discussed it with our production director and tried my best to convince him. After negotiating with him again and again, finally he suggested that 1 pallet load 8*38=304pcs WPC decking, and our factory can accept the quantity

Jack Luo: The details are as follows:
1. 2 plts wall claddings, total 560pcs, and the size of the package is 3000*1000*1000mm per pallet
2. 1 plt WPC deckings, total 8*38=304pcs, and the size of the package is 3000*1185*1100mm.
Above all, the total net weight is 5590KGS and 9.91CBM
Is it workable for you? Looking forward to your advice.
Jack Luo: Also, do you need the accessories such as joists, end cover, screws and clips?

Customer: Yes, it will be good for us. Now I want to accept price with you.
Jack Luo: Actually, after studying your prices from other supplier, it is possible for you place bulk order to us.
Jack Luo: And after checking and calculating, for the wall claddings, we can offer the **USD/PC. This price is based on 40ft container quantity.
Jack Luo: For the current 3 pallets trial order, as it is shipped by LCL, there is a transport cost from our factory to Shang Hai port, it is about ** USD

Customer: Maybe our transport can take from your factory directly. Or this is not possible?
Jack Luo: If so, we can do this price without transport costs. You have agent in China??
Jack Luo: BTW, one point about decking price. You got the **USD for 3M decking, but the size is 135*25*3000mm. 1pc decking is
0.135*3=0.405m². It means that the price is 7.21/0.405=**USD/M². But our decking size is 148*25*3000mm, and the price is 7,51USD/PC. Each of our decking is 0.148*3=0.444m², and our price is 7.51/0.444=16.91usd/m². our decking price is much better than yours.
Customer: I know a transport company which has agents in China. So I need to know factory address, and I will send them, and they will calculate price 😉
Jack Luo: Oaky, 安徽昊森新材料科技有限公司鸠江区福州路 4号. You can send this to your Chinese agent and check cost

Jack Luo: Hi handsome **, is there any feedback from your agent?
Customer: Not yet 🙂 I’m waiting for the price from them. After I get it – I will contact you. Maybe it can be tomorrow 🙂
Price for now is okay for us. Now I need to confirm transportation details and I will back to you.
Jack Luo: Okay, dear friend. BTW, may I know what’s your main business currently?

Customer: (pic) Its my father business. I helping with the supply 🙂 I working in the work, which selling terrace material

Customer: (video) In my work, we work with many suppliers from China, we importing terrace boards(wpc), many
different screws, also clips and so on 🙂
Customer: But popular material from China is ground screws, we waiting when will arrive 40ft 10containers with ground screws
Jack Luo: wow! And do you have website? for your company
Customer: Ye. www.****.lt
Jack Luo: let me check it !!! And may I know how do you find our contact information?
Customer: From clients in Lithuania. They’re buying from you I guess
Jack Luo: Actually, our products can speak

Jack Luo: Dear **, after reviewing your web, I think our business is a perfect match!!! Welcome to visit our factory if you come to
Jack Luo: EXW Quotation for WPC Standard Decking&Wall Cladding from Jack.pdf
Jack Luo: Dear Mr.**, enclosed is the quotation for 3 pallets of goods, pls kindly check it!
Jack Luo: BTW, pls kindly check whether you need the accessories such as joists, clips, screws and WPC end cover. If so, I will revise it for you later.
Jack Luo: (pic) (pic) In order to support our distributors in saving their stock cost, we just published the double 3D faces decking and double color decking
Jack Luo: Doing these new designs can help our customers reduce the SKU and save storage costs! Most of our customers
like these designs! Just showed it to you for reference. If you have any interest, we can also pack some of the samples together with your coming trial order.

Customer: Hello. Please send to me proforma 🙂 We will pay prepayment to you to start producing.
Customer: And last amount at the end of producing, yesv
Customer: Of course add, we will look
Jack Luo: Actually, for the trial order, the amount is less than 10000USD, we usually receive 100% TT before production. Is it workable?
Jack Luo: BTW, do you need the installation accessories? Such as joist, clips and screws?
Customer: okey, send to me proforma with 100proc amount. we will make payment tomorrow.
Customer: yes, add, we installing them without clips, and joists, but add, maybe it will be better
Jack Luo: Okay I will update the PI to you soon!

Customer: transportation asking, or your company have – export license?
Jack Luo: Could you please share us your address and email?
Jack Luo: Of course we have!
Customer: my personal email ***@gmail.com
Jack Luo: Also I check the shipping cost for you. Pls kindly tell us which port is nearest your city
Customer: I will ask logistic company which port is better, and let you know
Jack Luo: Okay, thanks. is the KLAIPEDA port near your city?
Customer: Yes

Customer: When you will let me know about price?:)
Jack Luo: The shipping freight? within 5 minutes
Customer: Ye, will wait, thanks
Customer: But I guess I interested in shipping by train this time. Its faster
Jack Luo: By ship will takes 45 days. maybe train is faster, I think
Customer: Ye, by train 3weeks
Jack Luo: If By train, I will check with another forwarder
Jack Luo: Hi Dear, by ship from Shanghai to KLAIPEDA, the shiping freight with assurance is 323.4USD
Customer: Let me know how much cost by train
Jack Luo: Pls kindly note that the shipping freight doesn’t include the destination port charge.
Jack Luo: I have asked our forwarder to check it, it will takes 3-5 hours to check
Jack Luo: Dear, I am back. If by train from XIAN TO Vilnius, the cost is very high! it is 3220USD, and delivery time is 20-25 days. In my opinion, I suggest you to choose the ship.
Jack Luo: But if by ship delivery,as the goods are shipped by LCL, the Miscellaneous charges at the port of destination will be little high. I just checked with our forwarder, the destination port charge is about 2080 Euro , you can also check it with your local agent about destination port charges
Jack Luo: The total as follows:
1. 2 pallets for wall cladding
Total Weight: 3000Kg
2. 1 pallet for WPC decking
Size: 3005*1185*1100

3 . 1 pallet for accessories
Size 3005*1200*900
Jack Luo: So that total is 13.2CBM and 7300KGS, just for your reference
Customer: 1plt accessories?:o
Jack Luo: Yes, includes the joists, clips, end cover and screws
Customer: We talked about sample, i guess:D
Jack Luo: Yeah, also samples. Thanks for your kind reminder, my friend.
Jack Luo: For samples, I will select and confirm with you later. Usually, I will recommend some ho- selling products to you, then you can add more other items which you are interested.
Customer: We don’t need joists, screws, clips (only few samples) For now I want to buy only cladding – 2plts, and terrace – 1plts, and place some samples on top of these plts.
Jack Luo: okay. let me re-calculate the freight. BTW, for transportation, which one is preferred? For train or ship?

Jack Luo: If we remove the accessories, only 3 pallets, the details freight as follows:
1. BY SHIP: the freight is 280USD, and the destination port cost is 1580 Euro (Just for your reference, the exact cost you should check with the local agent)
2. BY Train: The freight is about 2560USD, and the destination cost is about 350 Euro, (Just for your reference, the exact cost you should check with local agent)
Customer: I have offered my agent – 1550usd by train. 🙂
Jack Luo: very good price!! so can we go with your agent?
Customer: So now I waiting proforma from you, we will pay tomorrow, and I will give to you agent contacts
Customer: Ye. Send proforma to me 🙂
Jack Luo: Okay! I will send it now!!!! removing the accessories
Jack Luo: Sales Contract for Decking & Cladding from Jack.pdf
Jack Luo: Dear **, enclosed is the sales contract for our current order!!
Jack Luo: Pls kindly check the details and help to confirm it if everything is workable. Any questions, just let us know:)
Customer: Yupp, in 10 minutes I will send to you.
Customer: And please remove end cover too, we don’t use them. Only WPC panel boards. Many thanks to you Jack
Jack Luo: Okay, dear **
Jack Luo: Pls kindly share us the details information of consignee. I will revise them together
Customer: For proforma : ** Address – ** VAT number – ** Registration number – **
Jack Luo: okay
Jack Luo: Sales Contract for Decking & Cladding from Jack.pdf
Jack Luo: pls kindly check it, thanks. If it is confirmed, pls kindly sign back for us. thank you
Customer: Yes, now okey. We will pay tomorrow 🙂 I will send to you payment copy after we make it.
Jack Luo: Okay, dear friend. But before pay money, pls kindly sign back the contract for our records, thanks
Customer: Sales Contract for Decking & Cladding from Jack.pdf
Jack Luo: Thank you very much! My brother

Jack Luo: Good morning **
Jack Luo: A kind reminder: pls share us the bank slip when you arrange the payment. So that we can arrange the production for you ASAP
Customer: Hallo, today in evening father will make payment. And I will send to you bank slip
Jack Luo: Okay, dear! Thanks for your feedback!
Jack Luo: I have asked our production manager to leave a production line for your order!
Customer: Good, thanks
Jack Luo:
Customer: payment (1).pdf • 1

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